Baseline Analysis Overview

The Baseline Analysis module provides an environment for comparing composite CIs in your managed views with a configuration model. A configuration model is a description of a composite CI, and includes its topology/hierarchy and the attributes of its component CIs. The configuration model can be:

  • arbitrary (that is, modeled at will completely by the user)

  • created from a composite CI (whether or not that composite CI is actually a candidate for comparison with the model)

  • imported from a baseline policy

  • based on a group of similar composite CIs

After you run the comparison, the pane displays a bar graph for each composite CI in the comparison, showing the degree to which it matches the model. The closeness of the match is determined by comparing the composite CIs to the model with regard to the topology and to the attributes of each component CI. If no attributes are selected for comparison in a particular CI of the model, the comparison for that CI is based purely on the topology of the model.

A composite CI is considered to be in breach of the model if any of the attributes in its CI hierarchy do not match the model's requirements. In addition, you can choose between two options as to what topology will be considered as satisfying a model:

  • If the topology of the composite CI is identical to the topology of the model

  • If the topology of the composite CI contains the model topology


  • You must have View CIs permission to work with this module.

  • You can only select CIs from views for which you have View, Authorize in CM, or Manage in CM permission

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