Record DFM Code

It can be very useful to record an entire execution, including all parameters, for example, when debugging and testing code. This task describes how to record an entire execution with all relevant variables. Furthermore, you can view extra debug information that is usually not printed to log files even at the debug level.

To record DFM code:

  1. Access Data Flow Management > Universal Discovery. Right-click the job whose run must be logged and select Go to Adapter to open the Adapter Management application.

  2. Locate the Execution Options pane in the Adapter Configuration tab, as shown below.

  3. Change the Create communication log box to Always. For details on setting logging options, see Execution Options Pane.

    The following example is the XML log file that is created when the Host Connection by Shell job runs and the Create communication logs box is set to Always or On Failure:

    The following example shows the message and stacktrace parameters:

    Note CDATA mechanism is used to store information retrieved from user environment in the communication logs. When scan files get some characters or XML segments that cannot be parsed by the CDATA mechanism, the information will be saved in binary format for further troubleshooting purpose. Support will decode the binary data in the communication logs to perform troubleshooting.