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Troubleshooting - Build an Adapter Package

The procedure for building a new push adapter requires complete and correct re-naming and replacing. Any error will likely affect the adapter. The package must be unzipped and re-zipped correctly to act as a UCMDB package. Refer to the out-of-the-box packages as examples. Common errors include:

  • Including another directory on top of the package directories in the ZIP file.

    Solution: ZIP the package in the same directory as the package directories such as discoveryResources, adapterCode, etc. Do not include another directory level on top of this in the ZIP file.

  • Omitting a critical re-name of a directory, a file, or a string in a file.

    Solution: Following the instructions in this section very carefully.

  • Misspelling a critical re-name of a directory, a file, or string in a file.

    Solution: Do not change your naming convention in mid-stream once you begin the re-naming procedure. If you realize that you need to change the name, start over completely rather than trying to retroactively correcting the name, as there is a high risk of error. Also, use search and replace rather than manually replacing strings to reduce risk of errors.

  • Deploying adapters with the same file names as other adapters, especially in the discoveryResources and adapterCode directories.

    Solution: You may be using a UCMDB version with a known issue that prevents mappings files from having the same name as any other adapter in the same UCMDB environment. If you attempt to deploy a package with duplicates names, the package deployment will fail. This problem may occur even if these files are in different directories. Further, this problem can occur regardless of whether the duplicates are within the package or with other previously deployed packages.

At this point you can create a new push adapter job in the Integration Studio using the new adapter you just deployed.