Scanner Generator Wizard

Enables you to configure and generate scanners to collect information.

To access

Use one of the following:

To create a new scanner configuration, or edit an existing scanner configuration (Enterprise Mode):

  1. In the relevant Management Zone, go to the Inventory Discovery activity > Preferences page.

  2. Under Scanner-based Inventory Discovery, expand the Scanner Configuration pane, and click New/Edit Scanner Configuration.

To create/edit a manually deployed scanner (for Manual Deployment mode):

  1. Select Data Flow Management > Adapter Management > Resources > Inventory Discovery >Scanner Configuration Files.

  2. Select the configuration file (.cxz) in the tree on the left, and click the Generate Scanners... button in the right pane.

Important information For details about the Enterprise and Manual Deployment scanner modes, see Inventory Discovery Scanners.
Wizard map

The Scanner Generator Wizard contains:

Scenario PageStandard Configuration Page > Collection Page > Hardware Data Page > Software Data Page > Software Details Page > Asset Data Page > Scanner Options Page > Scanners to Generate Page > Generating Scanners Page