Scanner Scheduler Overview

Scanner Scheduler is often used together with Store and Forward servers when manually deploying scanners. The Scanner Scheduler enables you to download and update scanners from the Data Flow Probe to discovery nodes, and you can also specify when a scanner runs on discovery nodes. Using this feature ensures scanners are automatically updated, and it also ensures uninterrupted scanning when connectivity or firewall issues prevent the Data Flow Probe from initiating scan jobs on discovery nodes.

Additionally, you can centrally configure and manage schedules by using a configuration (.ini) file that is stored on a remote server. The scanner, using a third party data transfer program called Curl, periodically downloads this remote configuration file according to a download schedule that you configure. Updates that are contained in the remote configuration file overwrite the local configuration file.

Deploy the Scanner Scheduler manually using any remote access technology or third party distribution tool. The Scanner Scheduler runs as a service on Windows or as a detached process on UNIX.

To install the Scanner Scheduler, see How to Deploy the Scanner Scheduler.

To see resources for the Scanner Scheduler, see Scanner Scheduler Resources.

To see support information, see the Supported Content section of the Universal CMDB Discovery and Integrations Content Guide.

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