Job Operation Parameters

The following list includes job operation parameters.

  • ciType. The name of the CI type (for example, ip, host).

  • data. A textual field in the DiscoveryResults table that contains information about the discovered object. For example:

    <object class="ip">
    <attribute name="ip_probename" type="String">EBRUTER02</attribute>
    <attribute name="ip_address" type="String"></attribute>
    <attribute name="ip_domain" type="String">DefaultDomain</attribute>
  • Error Id. The error message hash string (error hash ID) that is displayed in the Jobs_Problems table.

  • HideRemovedJobs.True: do not display jobs that have run previously and are not relevant to the current run.

  • Hide Touched CIs Info. Touched CIs are CIs which were discovered in previous invocations. DFM already has information about these CIs, so there is no need for the Probe to send the information to the server again. The server identifies that these CIs are relevant and that there is no need to enforce the aging mechanism on them. For details on aging, see The Aging Mechanism Overview.

    True: the table displays the total number of CIs and the total number of Trigger CIs for each CIT. False: The table displays the total number of CIs and Trigger CIs divided between touched CIs and non-touched CIs.

  • includeNonTouched. Enables filtering the table to view non-touched CIs. Choose between viewing non-touched CIs only, all CIs (touched and non-touched), or none:

  • includeNonTouchedCIs. See includeNonTouched.

  • includeTouched. Enables filtering the table to view touched CIs. Choose between viewing touched CIs only, all CIs (touched and non-touched), or none.

  • includeTouchedCIs. See includeTouched.

  • jobID. The name of the job, for example, Host Applications by PowerShell:

  • maxRows. The maximum number of rows that should be displayed in the results table. The default is 100 or 1000.

  • maxTriggeredCIs. See maxRows.

  • objectID. The CMDB object ID.

  • hideRemovedJobs. Hides information about jobs with the status, REMOVED. These are jobs that have run previously but that are not currently scheduled to run.

  • hideResults. Indicates whether or not to hide the Results column. If the Results column is present, you can navigate to the job results. For more information, see viewJobResults , and viewJobsStatuses .

  • triggerCI. The CMDB object ID of the trigger for a job.

  • triggeredCiID. See triggerCI.