Discovery Results Tab/Pane

This tab/pane displays the discovery results from discovery job runs or from discovery activities that ran in Management Zones.

To access

Select Data Flow Management > Universal Discovery:

  • Zone-based Discovery tab > a node in the tree > Discovery Status pane (on the right) > Results tab.

  • Discovery Modules/Jobs tab> a node in the tree > Details tab (on the right) > Discovery Results pane.

Important Information

UCMDB includes a purging mechanism for managing old discovery result statistics. This mechanism enables faster display of discovery result statuses. That is, the old result records are merged and are therefore still available for the user. This feature is controlled by two system parameters:

  • Discovery Statistics Interval by Hours. This property defines the interval of merging discovery results (the interval for running the purging mechanism).

  • results statistics archive period. This property defines the number of days after which discovery results are archived (the number of days after which the statistics are considered old).

Relevant tasks
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User interface elements are described below (unlabeled elements are shown in angle brackets):

UI Element (A–Z) Description
Refresh. Retrieves the latest discovery results from the server (job results are not automatically updated in the Results pane).

View Instances. Displays all new and updated CIs. Select a CIT and click:

  • View Created Instances to view CIs created during the discovery
  • View Updated Instance to view CIs updated during the discovery

Note When you double-click a row, created CI instances are displayed.

Available: When the discovery results include created or updated instances.

Select the time range or Probe for which to display discovery results and statistics.

  • By Time Range:

    • All. Displays results for all job runs.

    • From Now/Last Minute/Last Hour/Last Day/Last Week. Choose a period of time for which to display results.

    • Custom Range. Opens the Change Timeframe dialog box where you can enter the date or choose a From and To date and time from the calendar. Click Now to enter the current date and time. Click Last Day to enter the current date and time in the To box and yesterday's date and time in the From box. Click OK to save the changes.

  • By Probe: To view results by Probe, select to open the Choose Probe dialog box. Selecting All Data Flow Probes displays the results for all of the Data Flow Probes.

Show all declared CI Types. By default, only discovered CITs are listed in the table; the Discovered CIs column includes CITs if the number of CIs found is greater than zero. Click the button to display every CI that can be discovered by the job, even if the Discovered CIs value is zero:

<Results grid>

Displays the discovery results and statistics.

  • CIT. The name of the discovered CIT.

    You can configure discovery so that any object reported by the job and whose CIT is not defined in the adapter's discovered CITs list is marked in red. Objects include those added by the Probe result mechanism.

    To set this parameter:

    1. Select Administration > Infrastructure Settings Manager.

    2. Select the General Settings category.

    3. Locate the Enable statistics results validation according to adapter parameter.

    4. Change the value to True.

  • Created. The number of CIT instances created in the period selected or for the selected Probe.

  • Deleted. The number of CIT instances deleted in the period selected or for the selected Probe

  • Discovered CIs. The number of CIs that were discovered for each CI type.

  • Total. The total number of CIs in each column.

  • Updated. The number of CIT instances that were updated in the period selected.

Filter The time range set with the Set Time Range button.
Last updated The date and time that the Results grid was last updated.