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Configure Basic Authentication for Upgraded Data Flow Probes (Separate Mode) Using Port 1741 or 1742

Starting from version 10.22, after installing a new Data Flow Probe, basic authentication is enabled automatically for the probe if the probe is installed in separate mode and that the probe can be accessed using port 1741 or 1742. This is controlled by the following new settings available in the file for a newly installed probe:


These settings are not added to the file for upgraded probes during upgrade, but basic authentication is enabled automatically.

However, you can disable basic authentication for upgraded separate mode probes that can be accessed using port 1741 or 1742, or change the default basic authentication password.

To do so,

  1. Open the following file on both of the probe manager and probe gateway instances using a text editor:


  2. Add the following settings to the file manually:

    appilog.agent.Probe.rmi.BasicAuth.Pwd=<encrypted password>
    • Setting the appilog.agent.Probe.rmi.BasicAuth.Enabled parameter to true enables basic authentication for the probe in separate mode that uses port 1741 or 1742. To disable basic authentication for the probe, simply set the parameter to false. The default value is true.

      Note: Make sure you set the parameter to the same value on both instances of probe manager and probe gateway.
    • The default user name value for the appilog.agent.Probe.rmi.BasicAuth.User setting is sysadmin.

    • The password uses encrypted text in the file. To change the default password, use the getEncryptedKeyPassword() JMX method to get the encrypted text of the desired password.

      For more information about how to use the getEncryptedKeyPassword() method, see the Universal CMDB JMX Reference Guide.

  3. Save the file.
  4. Restart the probe.