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Confidential Manager Encryption Settings

This table lists the encryption settings that can be changed using various JMX methods. These encryption settings are relevant for encryption of communications between the Confidential Manager client and the Confidential Manager server, as well as for encryption of the Confidential Manager client's cache.

Confidential Manager Setting Name Probe Confidential Manager Setting Name

Setting Description

Possible Values

Default Value

cryptoSource Encryption Library name This setting defines which encryption library to use. lw, jce, windowsDPAPI, lwJCECompatible lw
lwJCEPBECompatibilityMode Support previous lightweight cryptography versions This setting defines whether to support previous lightweight cryptography or not. true, false true
engineName Engine name Encryption mechanism name AES, DES, 3DES, Blowfish AES


Key size encryption key length in bits

For AES - 128, 192 or 256;
For DES - 64;
For 3DES - 192;
For Blowfish - any number between 32 and 448

algorithmPaddingName Algorithm padding name Padding standards PKCS7Padding, PKCS5Padding PKCS7Padding
pbeCount PBE count The number of times to run the hash to create the key from password (init string) Any positive number 20
pbeDigestAlgorithm PBE digest algorithm Hashing type SHA1, SHA256, MD5 SHA1
useMacWithCrypto Use MAC with cryptography Indication if to use MAC with the cryptography true, false false
macKeySize MAC key size Depends on MAC algorithm 256 256