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Automated Service Modeling

Automated Service Modeling provides the ability to automatically map the complexity of critical business services and business applications, starting from an entry point for the service (usually the URL of the service). You can use the UCMDB Browser to easily create a model of a particular service (starting from the service’s URL) or enterprise application (using existing out-of-the-box discovery content). You can select an entry point to perform a top-down discovery, or model multiple applications that have already been discovered. The process is simplified and put in the control of the service owner.

Automated Service Modeling automatically discovers and models service maps, and provides the following capabilities:

  • A service model that is maintenance-free, and appears in near real time.
  • The ability to accurately discover the service in a top-down manner, and to see the map update automatically.
  • The ability to take advantage of existing integrations and infrastructure.
  • The ability to prioritize discovery problems in the context of a service.
  • The ability to contact a UCMDB administrator in case of advanced discovery errors.
  • Constant tracking of dynamic changes in a business service’s infrastructure.
  • The ability to quickly identify the impact of changes to CIs in complex environments.
  • The ability to define service border rules.

Once you have created a service map, you can interact with it by showing or hiding layers of associated data (servers, historical changes, virtualization, networking, or storage topologies).

You can find more details about the Automated Service Modeling feature in the following sections:

  • Business Service Discovery: This section introduces the service discovery user interface and how to run service discovery.
  • Mapping Consumer-Provider Dependencies: This section contains all the behind-the-scene information for developers' reference.
  • Service Modeling in the Universal CMDB Browser User Guide: This section describes how to work with Automated Service Modeling from the UCMDB Browser.