Default Label Page

This wizard page enables you to define attributes that appear in the CI type label. You can include more than one attribute by using the function buttons.

Important information

You build a label by selecting attributes in the CI Type Attributes pane and adding them to the Format pane, using the operators in the Format pane to connect them.

The label appears as the title under a CI of the new CI Type. The label definition can be customized to include different attribute values. For example, if the function label of the node CIT is composed of hostname and network, the displayed label is: server1

Labels can also be created using regular expressions.

Wizard map

The Create Configuration Item Type/Relationship/Calculated Relationship Wizard contains:

Details Page > Attributes Page > Qualifiers Page > Triplets Page > Icon Page > Attached Menu Page > Default Label Page > Matching Rules Page

User interface elements are described below:

UI Element (A-Z) Description
Add selected attribute. Adds the selected attribute to the Format pane.
Parentheses. Adds parentheses to the formatted text (use in conjunction with the other functions).
And. Places an AND operator between two attributes in the formatted text. For example, network_netaddr&network_domain displays the network address and the domain of a query node.
Or. Places an OR operator between two attributes in the formatted text.

Regular Expression. Adds a regular expression (using regular expression syntax) to the label definition. The structure of the entry is (v1, v2, v3), where v1 represents the selected attribute, v2 represents the regular expression itself (which divides the value into groups), and v3 represents the number of the selected group.

For example, if the selected attribute is a name, consisting of a first name, a space, and a surname, the regular expression would be (name, (\S*)(\s*)(\S*), 3), which indicates that the surname can be used for the name attribute in the default label.

For examples of how to use regular expression syntax, see Regular Expression Examples.

Undo. Reverses the last change you made.
Redo. Repeats the last action you took.
Clear. Clears the Format pane.
Restore Default. Restores the default settings.
CI Type Attributes Displays the available options of attributes to be included in the CIT label.
CI Type Label Definition Format

Displays the attributes that you select to appear in the CIT label.

For example, to label a node by its host name and operating system, choose the host_hostname and host_os attributes. The CIT label is host1 UNIX.

You can define conditions using AND and OR combinations.

Note To delete an attribute from the Format pane, highlight it and press the Delete key.