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How to Generate a Direct Link – Scenario

This scenario describes how to generate a direct link to email the URL of a specific CI to another person.

Jane Harrison is a senior engineer in the ABC Software company. She has encountered a problematic CI in a view she has created. She wants to inform Henry Jones, who is working with the same view through ServiceCenter, about the problematic CI. Since the view Jane has created contains many hundreds of CIs, she decides to email Henry the URL of the CI so that he does not have to spend a lot of time searching for that specific CI.

In IT Universe Manager, Jane selects Generate Direct Link from the Edit menu. On the Select Command page, she selects Open in context links and then the Show view option, and clicks Next.

On the Direct Link Parameters — Show View page, she selects the view she created, the problematic CI, and View topology as the mode in which Henry should open the CI. When the URL is created, she emails Henry the link to the problematic CI.

For details, see Generate Direct Link Wizard.

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