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Impact Analysis Manager Overview

Impact Analysis Manager enables you to define the interdependencies between components in your IT infrastructure to simulate how infrastructure changes (for example, a new software installation or upgrade) can impact your system.

By creating Impact rules based on TQL queries, you can determine the true origin of a problem and its business impact. Each Impact rule you define is attached to a specific Impact Analysis TQL query. For more information about TQL queries, see Topology Query Language.

You define Impact rules to specify a causal relationship between two or more Impact Analysis query nodes. Define one query node as the trigger, or the query node that represents the changes you want to make to the system, and another query node as the one that is impacted. After the causal relationship is established, Impact Analysis Manager enables you to determine the effect of the changes occurring in root cause query nodes.

You then run the Impact rules in IT Universe Manager to simulate how the changes impact your system and discover the root causes of the changes (for details, see Run Impact Analysis Dialog Box). This enables you to evaluate and handle accordingly, the possible implications of any action, update, new deployment, or a failure of the service delivery.

A simulated change in an impacted CI can alter the CI's map status, which is manifested through an addition of a status icon to the CI's symbol. The Topology Map displays the statuses of the trigger CIs as well as all statuses of the CIs that are impacted by it. Each color represents a different status.

For details about the status icons and the colors that represent them, see Show Impact Pane.

You can then generate a report displaying the following:

  • CIs in the system that are impacted by the changes.

  • Trigger CIs (the CIs that represent the changes you want to make to the system).

  • CIs that belong to a specific business service.

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