Enter Parameters Page

This wizard page enables you to set the values of the template's parameters for each new view created.

Important information If you are creating multiple views, click Next after you set the parameter values to proceed to the Save Views page. If you are creating a single view, click Finish after you set the parameter values to open the new view in the Editor.
Wizard map

The Template-based View Wizard contains:

Select Template Page > Import Parameter Values Page > Enter Parameters Page > Select Location for Views Page > Summary Page> Save Views Page

User interface elements are described below (unlabeled elements are shown in angle brackets):

UI Element (A-Z) Description
Add view instance. Adds a new view instance.
Remove view instance. Deletes the selected view instance.
<Parameter columns> In each parameter column, enter or select the required parameter value for each view.
Reset Click to reset the selected parameter to its original value.
Use Advanced Naming

Select the Use Advanced Naming option to automatically name the created views based on parameter values. In the box, enter an expression containing at least one parameter name in angle brackets. The views are named based on the values of the selected parameter.

Note All view names must be unique.

View Name Enter names for each of the new views, or use the default names assigned.