Before Calling Your Support Representative

If you cannot solve your problem, report it. Before contacting the Customer Support Service, ensure that:

  • You have performed the general checks

    See About Troubleshooting Configuration Management System.

  • You have collected the relevant data about the problem you will send to the Customer Support Service:

    1. A description of the problem, including timestamps if applicable.

    2. A description of your environment:

      1. Is this productions or test environment
      2. Is it a new implementation – install or upgrade
      3. Any environment changes prior to the encountered issue
      4. Has the observed behavior ever functioned correctly previously
    3. Collect the output of the viewSystemInformation JMX method from the UCMDB server JMX console > UCMDB:service=Server Services > viewSystemInformation.

    4. Collect the relevant error logs from the General Check section
    5. Collect the output of Run Support Handlers from the UCMDB server JMX console > UCMDB:service=Supportability Services > runSupportHandlersForSpecificCategories, use empty categories.

The Customer Support Service will then provide you with the further instructions. You might be asked to:

  1. Enable UCMDB Debugging
  2. Prepare the generated data for sending to the Customer Support Service