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What's New

This section provides information about new features and enhancements added to Content Pack 28.

Updated Versions for Discovered Applications

Added support for discovering the following application versions to the existing discovery jobs:

  • IBM High Availability Cluster Multiprocessing (HACMP) 7.x
  • Microsoft Windows PowerShell 3.0, 4.0, 5.0, 5.1
  • VMware ESX & ESXi 6.7
  • VMware vCenter 6.7
  • VMware vCloud Director 8.0, 8.1, 8.2

New and Extended Discovery

  • Added the following new discovery:

    • Oracle Enterprise Manager Discovery (Beta): Discover data from Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM) with an integration to OEM as a data source for the entire Oracle stack, including databases, application topology, and infrastructure topology.

      Note This capability is available in the ITOM Marketplace Community Content for UD. If you are interested in this capability, you can download and try it out. If this capability receives positive feedback, it will be included in a future content pack.

    • SAP FRUN Discovery : Discover all the SAP systems (and their topology) for each customer network by accessing SAP Focused Run with CIM Protocol.
  • Enhanced Amazon Web Services Discovery as follows:

    • Created a relationship between AWS Account and Region.
    • Created the following new views for AWS discovery: Amazon EC2 Topology, Amazon ECS Topology, Amazon S3 Topology, Amazon VPC Topology, Amazon ECR Topology, Amazon EC2 Topology by AMI, and Amazon EC2 Topology by Volume.
    • Simplified Amazon Elastic Load Balancing (ELB) topology.
    • The Name attribute of Amazon EBS and Amazon ECS Resource CIs that was hidden becomes visible now.
  • Enhanced the VMware vROps Topology by WebServices job to discover the OS type, IP address, and host resource information.
  • Enhanced the Inventory Discovery by Scanner, Inventory Discovery by Manual Scanner Deployment, Host Connection by PowerShell, Host Connection by Shell, and Host Connection by WMI jobs to discover BIOS date and version on all platforms.

Universal Discovery Inventory

Enhanced the Inventory Discovery by Scanner and Inventory Discovery by Manual Scanner Deployment jobs by adding:

  • A new attribute LPar SMT to the IBM LPar Profile CIT for reporting the simultaneous multithreading (SMT) information of LPAR CPU
  • A new attribute OS User Last Logon to the OS User CIT for reporting the current OS user last logon time


  • Added Microsoft Intelligent Asset Manager Universal Inventory (IAMUI) Integration.

    The direct integration between Microsoft IAMUI and UCMDB, that is, the UCMDB push integration with IAMUI, allows UD to push discovered software inventory data into IAMUI.

  • Enhanced SM-UCMDB integration by adding capability to populate deleted CI relationships to UCMDB

    When you delete CI relationships in Micro Focus Service Manager, the CI relationships are now removed from UCMDB after you run a population job. This capability requires additional configuration of Service Manager and of the Service Manager Enhanced Adapter in UCMDB. For details, see "Enable the Automatic Deletion of CI Relationships from UCMDB" in the ServiceManagerEnhancedAdapter9.41 User Guide included in the Content Pack help.

  • Enhanced the NNMi Integration as follows:

    • Added a new adapter Pull Topology from NNMi by REST API Adapter. This adapter is needed when you can only discover switches and Layer2 connection to servers in NNMi, and the servers are discovered in Universal Discovery. This adapter can populate Layer2 connection from NNMi to Universal Discovery.

      Note The Pull Topology from NNMi by REST API adapter requires NNMi 2018.05.

    • Added a new parameter NNMiHost to the NNMI Update IDs adapter. NNMiHost is the host name to be used with the NNMi integration. NNMiHost has higher priority over IP address, which means instead of IP address, NNMiHost will be used if it is provided.
  • Enhanced the CSV mapping file to support a new converter stringToList for the Import from CSV File integration job. For details, see How to Convert Strings to Numbers.


  • Enhancements to the SNMP Protocol version 3

    • Added non-standard encryption algorithm support for AES-192 and AES-256 (now both standard and non-standard are supported). For example, non-standard AES-256 is used by Cisco switches.
    • Added authentication algorithm support for SHA224, SHA256, SHA384, and SHA512.
  • Added a new parameter unsetHistFile to the globalSettings.xml file. This parameter indicates whether to prevent the SSH protocol from recording the executed command to the environment variable $HISTFILE on UNIX server. If the value is true, the executed command is not recorded in the environment variable $HISTFILE on UNIX server. The default value is false.
  • Added a new parameter reportPoweredOffZones to the Solaris Zones by TTY job to determine whether to report zones that are not running. The default value is true.
  • Added a new parameter reportPoweredOffLdomServers to the Oracle VM Server for SPARC Technology by Shell job to determine whether to report LDOM servers that are not running. The default value is true.
  • Added a new parameter filterInstalledSoftwareByName to the Host Resources/Applications by Shell job. This parameter specifies the Installed Software names that are not reported. It is a blacklist mechanism in order to avoid the reporting of unwanted Installed Software.
  • Added a new parameter ignoreHostsWithoutHostNames to the VMware ESX Topology by VIM and VMware vCenter Topology by VIM jobs. This parameter indicates whether to ignore hosts without host names that can be considered as unwanted nodes for reporting. The default value is false.
  • Added a new parameter reportEmptySchemas to the Oracle Database Topology by SQL and Oracle Database Topology by SQL - Service Name jobs. This parameter indicates whether to report empty schemas. The default value is true.
  • Scanner version:
  • Universal Discovery Agent version:
  • Inventory Discovery Knowledge version: 2018.07