How to Deploy a Package

You can deploy some or all of a package's resources to the from your local directory. The package must be on your local directory in order to deploy its resources.

To deploy resources from packages on your local directory:

  1. Click the button to open the Install Package menu.

  2. Click the Install Package tab.

  3. Click the Select file for upload field, select a package zip file, click Open, and then click the button.

  4. Select the resources that you want to deploy. All the resources are selected by default.

  5. When you have selected all the resources you want to deploy, click Deploy Selected.

Note Every time a package related to a change in the class model is deployed or undeployed, a zip file is generated in the runtime\log\packageage_reports\customer_1\classModel folder. The zip file contains the class model file before the change, the class model file after the change, and the package deployment report.