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XML File Policies

XML file policies read values in XML files and respond when the value that you choose appears in the file. XML file policies are especially suited for integrating data from third-party systems that can store their information in XML format.

XML file policies process XML files and send data to OMi when certain conditions apply. You can define the attributes of the OMi event or metric based on information in the XML file. This enables you to process data generated by other applications and to convert it to OMi events or metrics.

XML file policies process exactly the XML elements and attributes that you define. The XML syntax is not important to the policy, as long as the information is embedded in XML elements and attributes.

If the application does not store its data in XML files, you may write a program or script that extracts the events, metrics, or topology data from wherever they are stored, formats the data using XML syntax, and generates an XML file with the data. If you have control over the XML elements that are used in the XML file, choose XML elements and attributes that map to event or metric attributes and values. This will simplify the policy.