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Service Manager modes: Classic, Codeless, and Hybrid

In versions of Service Manager before 9.40, Process Designer functionality for Help Desk modules and for Change Management was available only through content packs (most recently, Process Designer Content Pack 9.30.3). Beginning with Service Manager 9.41, Service Manager is available in three modes:

  • Service Manager Classic, which retains legacy workflows and functionality, with the exception of the Service Level Management and Knowledge Management modules, which are re-factored to use Process Designer-based workflows.
  • Service Manager Codeless, in which Process Designer workflows and functionality are fully implemented in the Service Desk, Incident Management, Problem Management, Change Management, Request Fulfillment, Knowledge Management, and Service Level Management modules.

    Note For more information about the changes in Service Manager Codeless, see the "Functionality merged from Process Designer Content Pack 9.30.3" and "Process Designer-based modules" sections in What's new in HPE Service Manager 9.40?

  • Service Manager Hybrid, in which Process Designer technology is fully implemented, yet that allows you to continue using legacy technology such as Format Control. Service Manager 9.41 Hybrid eases the transition between Service Manager Classic and Service Manager Codeless by enabling you to continue to take advantage of your previous investment in legacy technology. This mode is available only to customers who are upgrading from a Service Manager 9.3x system that has Process Designer Content Pack 9.30.2 (PDCP3) applied.

    Note For more information about how to migrate to Service Manager Hybrid, see the Service Manager Hybrid Guide. For Process Designer framework and tailoring information, we recommend that you use the help center for Service Manager Codeless. However, as modules in Service Manager Hybrid support functionality from both Classic and Codeless modes, you must refer to either the Service Manager Classic or Service Manager Codeless help center for information about specific functionality, depending on the functionality that you use for each business module.