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HPE Operations Orchestration (OO)

HPE Operations Orchestration (OO) software automates simple tasks, such as auto archiving, and complex tasks, such as disaster recovery planning. It provides the means to automate processes that include managing and provisioning a virtual infrastructure. The OO flows communicate and document procedures, decreasing dependencies on individuals or groups. Refer to the HPE Operations Orchestration (OO) documentation for more information.

When integrated with Service Manager, OO shares information between monitoring and automation systems and the help desk. Web client users have access to OO flows from Knowledge Management, where they can view, add, update, or delete OO flows. Incident Management processes are enhanced by linking Knowledge documents with OO flows, and automated deployment of changes can be implemented by linking OO flows to change records. In addition, automated fulfillment of request tasks can be implemented by linking OO flows to request task records.

Note Only one instance of this integration is allowed.


  • System Administrators must add, configure, and enable an instance of this integration in Integration Manager (SMIS).
  • Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is required for communication between the servers.

    Note SSL is not required for the request task integration.

  • Optionally, you can use Lightweight Single Sign-On (LW-SSO) to bypass the log-in prompts.