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The following items are now deprecated.

Note The following integration adapters are still available but are now deprecated and may be removed in a future content pack release.


Deprecated since version


CM KPI Adapter CP26  
DDMi integration adapter CP26  
EnterpriseView integration adapter CP26  
Executive Scorecard integration adapter CP26  

Service Manager integration adapters:

  • Service Center 6.2x
  • Service Manager 7.0x
  • Service Manager 7.1x - 9.2x
  • Service Manager Enhanced Adapter9.x

Use the following supported adapters instead:

  • ServiceManagerAdapter9.41
  • ServiceManagerAdapter9.41
  • ServiceManagerEnhancedAdapter9.41
Storage Essentials integration adapter CP26  
HP SOM Integration adapter CP26  

ServiceNow integration adapters:

  • Push to Service-Now
  • ServiceNow to UCMDB
CP26 Use ServiceNowEnhancedAdapter instead.

Troux integration adapters:

  • Data Push into Troux
  • Population from Troux