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Getting Started with Universal Discovery Content Pack

Universal Discovery software combines the automation of inventory discovery and dependency mapping. Universal Discovery assists with incident, problem, and change management, as well as asset management, business service management, and transformation projects.

Universal Discovery comes with a rich collection of integration and discovery jobs. A set of related discovery or integration jobs is packaged into a package file providing content coverage for a particular domain. All out-of-the-box content is provided in the form of the Content Pack that assembles all discovery and integration packages together into one deliverable.

The Content Packs also serve as a mechanism of decoupling the base Universal Discovery product functionality from the integration and discovery content. Newer Content Packs can be applied to the older versions of the product, so that newer integration and discovery functionality can be enjoyed on older versions of Universal Discovery without upgrading Universal Discovery itself.

For details on the range of supported versions of Universal Discovery, see Discovery and Integrations Content Pack Support Matrix.

The Universal Discovery and Integrations Content Help is a reference for the activities and jobs used by UCMDB Universal Discovery to discover infrastructure, applications, and inventory, as well as for integrations between UCMDB and other software products.

This help includes: