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How to View Agent Deployment Log for an Inventory CI in JMX

As an inventory discovery administrator, you can invoke the getAgentDeploymentLogForInventoryCI method to check the agent deployment log for an inventory CI. You work with the JMX console.

This task includes the following steps:

  1. Log in to the UCMDB JMX console. (Launch the Web browser and enter the following address: https://localhost:8443/jmx-console. You may have to log in with a user name and password.)

  2. Locate UCMDB:service=Discovery Manager and click the link to open the Operations page.

  3. Locate the getAgentDeploymentLogForInventoryCI operation.
  4. In the Value field for customerID, enter you customer ID. (Default: 1)
  5. For the ciId field, enter the global ID for the inventory CI for which you want to check the discovery status.

    1. In UCMDB UI, go to Modeling > IT Universe Manager.
    2. In the CI Selector pane, go to the Search CIs tab, click the Start the Search icon for the CI Name field.

    3. From the returned results, select a discovered node.

    4. Go to the Properties tab in the right pane, scroll down to locate the Global Id property.
    5. Right-click the value for the Global Id property, select Copy Property Name and Value.
    6. Paste the value into the ciId field in the JMX console and remove the property name.
  6. Click Invoke.

    The result displays.