One of the following supported databases is required to run Universal CMDB 11.0:

  • Oracle Server
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • PostgreSQL Server

The table below describes hardware requirements for database server:

Deployment CPU Memory Linux Swap Windows Virtual Memory Free Disk Space
Enterprise 24 Cores 64 GB 64 GB 96 GB 300 GB


  • It is strongly recommended to host database server (Oracle, Microsoft SQL, or PostgreSQL) on a physical machine, and it should be an independent server without other applications (including the UCMDB server) running on it.

    Also, if the database server machine is a virtual machine, the resource MUST be dedicated for the database server.

  • Apart from the embedded PostgreSQL database server, installing UCMDB server and database server (Oracle, Microsoft SQL, or PostgreSQL) together on the same machine is not supported.

  • The hardware requirements could be the same as those for UCMDB server, but the DB SPACE depends on the data scale. For example, for a data scale of 30 millions CIs, we recommended 500 GB or more space for data files and 200 GB or more space for log files.