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Troubleshooting and Limitations – Content Management

Problem. Changes in CIs in UCMDB are not reflected in Configuration Manager.

Solution. Configuration Manager runs an offline asynchronous analysis process. The process may not yet have processed the latest changes in UCMDB. To resolve this, try one of the following:

  • Wait a few minutes. The default interval between analysis process executions is 10 minutes. This value is configurable in under Administration > Settings.

  • Execute a JMX call to run the offline analysis calculation on the relevant view.

  • Navigate to Policies. Click the Recalculate Policy Analysis button. This invokes the offline analysis process for all views (which may take some time). You may also need to make an artificial change to one policy and save it.

Problem. When you click the Launch UCMDB button, the UCMDB login page appears.

Solution. In order to access UCMDB without logging in again, you need to enable single sign-on. For details, see the section about enabling LW-SSO between Configuration Manager and UCMDB in the Universal CMDB Deployment Guide. Additionally, ensure that the Configuration Manager user logged on is defined in the UCMDB user management system.

Problem. The Matching Rules tab does not appear in Universal CMDB when you navigate to Managers > Modeling > CI Type Manager, and select CI Types from the list box in the CI Types pane.

Solution. Navigate to Managers > Administration > Infrastructure Settings in Universal CMDB and set Enable Configuration Manager Matching Rules as True. After you log out and then log in again, the Matching Rules tab appears in the CI Type Manager.