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Troubleshooting and Limitations – Federating Data to UCMDB

  • Federation only works with CIs in the actual state. Therefore:

    • Policy compliance is federated only for CIs in the actual state.
    • The authorization status for CIs that were deleted from the actual state is not shown.
  • The maximum number of CIs that can be federated is configurable. To change this number, edit the value of the Max Num To Federate setting in the Infrastructure Settings Manager in UCMDB. For details about changing settings, see Infrastructure Settings Manager. The recommended number of CIs is no more than 20,000, if large views have been enabled in Configuration Manager. For details about enabling support for large views, see the section about large capacity planning in the interactive Universal CMDB Deployment Guide.
  • If the test connection fails, click Details and check the first error in the stack trace for more information.
  • Since a CI can be managed in multiple views, the same policy may be applied to the same CI in multiple views and may receive different similarity results, since the similarity group may be different in different views.