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How to Configure PostgreSQL on Probe to Accept Local Connections Only

By default the PostgreSQL instance running on the probe does not need to listen to requests from the network. However, you can perform this additional configuration to bind the PostgreSQL instance on the probe to localhost.

To do so,

  1. On the probe, open the following file using a text editor:


  2. Locate and modify the following file from:

    listen_addresses = '*'


    listen_addresses = 'localhost'
  3. Save the file.

  4. Restart the probe.

    To restart the probe properly,

    1. Open services.msc.
    2. Stop the UCMDB Probe service.
    3. Stop the UCMDB_Probe_DB service.
    4. Start the UCMDB_Probe_DB service.
    5. Start the UCMDB Probe service.

How to Validate If the PostgreSQL Instance Is Listening Only to Localhost?

  1. Install Telnet.

    1. Go to Start > Control Panel > Turn Windows features on or off.

      The Windows Features dialog opens.

    2. Select the check box for Telnet Client.
    3. Click OK.
  2. Test connection.

    1. Open the Command Prompt window by going to Start > Run > cmd and clicking OK.
    2. From the Command Prompt window, run the following:

      telnet <target host/IP and port>

      For example, telnet 5432.

    If you receive a message like: “telnet: connect to address <address you specified>: Connection refused”, it indicates that PostgresSQL is properly configured to refuse remote connections.