PostgreSQL Parameter Settings

The following table describes the recommended (non-default) values for a number of PostgreSQL database initialization parameters, when working with the Universal CMDB database server:

  Category Parameter Name Universal CMDB Deployment Defaults and Remarks
Small Large




shared_buffers 1024 MB 4096 MB Default: 32M, shared resource setting
work_mem 25 MB 50 MB Default: 1M, setting per session
maintenance_work_mem 256 MB 340 MB Default: 16M, setting per session
Planner effcetive_cache_size 4096 MB 8192 MB Default: 128M, setting per session and based on total available RAM


Checkpoint (WAL)

checkpoint_segments 32 64 Default: 3 - maximum distance in log segments between WAL checkpoints
checkpoint_timeout 15 minutes 20 minutes Default: 300 sec - maximum time between WAL checkpoints
checkpoint_completion_target 0.9 0.9 Default: 0.5 - target of checkpoint completion, as a fraction of total time between checkpoints




autovacuum_vacuum_threshold 5000 5000 Default: 50 - minimum number of tuple updates or deletes prior to vacuum
autovacuum_analyze_threshold 5000 5000 Default: 50 - minimum number of tuple changes prior to analyze
autovacuum_analyze_scale_factor 0.1 0.2 Default: 0.1 (10% of table size) – estimated percent of tuple changes prior to analyze





log_min_messages info info

Default: warning

log_min_duration_statement 1500 3000

0 prints all queries; 1 turns the feature off.

log_checkpoints on on

Default: off - logs each checkpoint

log_statement ddl ddl

Default: none - sets the type of statements logged

log_autovacuum_min_duration 0 0

Default: 1 - turns autovacuum logging off; 0 prints all actions