Adapter Development and Writing Overview

Prior to beginning actual planning for development of new adapters, it is important for you to understand the processes and interactions commonly associated with this development.

The following sections can help you understand what you need to know and do to successfully manage and execute a discovery development project.

The following sections:

  • Assume a working knowledge of Universal CMDB and some basic familiarity with the elements of the system. It is meant to assist you in the learning process and does not provide a complete guide.

  • Cover the stages of planning, research, and implementation of new discovery content for Universal CMDB, together with guidelines and considerations that need to be taken into account.

  • Provide information on the key APIs of the Data Flow Management Framework. For full documentation on the available APIs, see the HPE Universal CMDB Data Flow Management API Reference. (Other non-formal APIs exist but even though they are used on out-of-the-box adapters, they may be subject to change.)