Implement a Discovery Adapter

A DFM task has the aim of accessing remote (or local) systems, modeling extracted data as CIs, and saving the CIs to the CMDB. The task consists of the following steps:

  1. Create an adapter.

    You configure an adapter file that holds the context, parameters, and result types by selecting the scripts that are to be part of the adapter. For details, see Step 1: Create an Adapter.

  2. Create a Discovery job.

    You configure a job with scheduling information and a trigger query. For details, see Step 2: Assign a Job to the Adapter.

  3. Edit Discovery code.

    You can edit the Jython or Java code that is contained in the adapter files and that refers to the DFM Framework. For details, see Step 3: Create Jython Code.

To write new adapters, you create each of the above components, each one of which is automatically bound to the component in the previous step. For example, once you create a job and select the relevant adapter, the adapter file binds to the job.