Push Overview

The Generic Adapter works on data structures that represent the TQL query result. Each adapter built over the Generic Adapter Framework will handle this data structure and push it to its required target.

The data structure is named ResultTreeNode (RTN). The RTN is created according to the mapping file of the adapter and the results of the TQL query. The queries used for the Generic Adapter Framework must be root based, that is the query must contain one query node with element name root, or one or more relationship elements beginning with the prefix root. This CI or relationship serves as the root element of the query. For details, see Data Push.

There are two basic steps involved in developing enhanced push adapters:

  1. Implementing the PushAdapterConnector interface – this interface receives the data to add, update and delete as a list of RTNs, and perform the push into the target.

  2. Creating the mapping file – the mapping file determines the creating of the RTN structure, by mapping CIs and attributes of the TQL result.