Error Messages Overview

During discovery, many errors may be uncovered, for example, connection failures, hardware problems, exceptions, time-outs, and so on. These errors are displayed in the Universal Discovery window whenever the regular discovery flow does not succeed. You can drill down from the Trigger CI that caused the problem to view the error message itself.

DFM differentiates between errors that can sometimes be ignored (for example, an unreachable host) and errors that must be dealt with (for example, credentials problems or missing configuration or DLL files). Moreover, DFM reports errors once, even if the same error occurs on successive runs, and reports an error even it if occurs once only.

When creating a package, you can add appropriate messages as resources to the package. During package deployment, the messages are also deployed in the correct location. Messages must conform to conventions, as described in Error-Writing Conventions.

DFM supports multi-language error messages. You can localize the messages you write so that they appear in the local language.

For details on searching for errors, see Discovery Progress and Results.

For details on setting communication logs, see Execution Options Pane.