The Population Connector

The population connector is responsible for retrieving external system data. This data is passed on to the Generic Adapter in the established API format (ResultTreeNode), which is then mapped to the UCMDB data structures and inserted in UCMDB through the data-in process.

Similar to the push connector, the population connector can be implemented in both Java and Groovy and must implement the Population Connector Java Interface shown in the figure below.

To configure the population connector, add the following line in the adapter configuration XML file:

The first method, populate, is the main connector method responsible for retrieving the data from the external system. This method receives as input a population TQL query and returns the results in the generic ResultTreeNode format. For more information, see Achieving Data Push using the Generic Adapter. Along with the main business data, the connector also returns status and chunking information.

The second method, getSupportedQueries, indicates the TQLs that are supported by the population connector.

The third and fourth methods refer to more advanced use cases, pushing back the IDs of the populated data and locating the relevant population resources within the adapter for a specific query. For more information about these APIs, see the push-interfaces.jar file.