Population Request Input

A population request is defined by a QueryDefinition object that describes the UCMDB population query. The population connector is responsible for reading this query object and translating it into the external system’s query language.

In addition to the QueryDefinition object, there are:

  • getResultTreeNodeStructure – Indicates the required structure that the population result must return.
  • getFlowType – Used to determine if the request to the connector is of type POPULATION or FEDERATION.

getFromDate – Indicates the date from the last synchronization. If the date is null, then the FULL POPULATION runs otherwise the Diff POPULATION runs (if the flow type is FEDERATION the getFromDate method will always return null).

A sample population request is shown in the following figure:

In this example, the request contains the Nodes Population query. We can see that the query contains only one TQL element of type Node.