TQL Queries for the Generic Database Adapter

For population jobs, every required layout of a CI must be checked in the Layout Settings Dialog Box in the Modeling Studio. For details, see Query Node/Relationship Properties Dialog Box. It is important to note that a CI might require an attribute to be identified, and without those attributes the CI will fail to be added to UCMDB.

The following limitations exist on the TQL queries calculated by the Generic Database Adapter only:

  • subgraphs are not supported

  • compound relationships are not supported

  • cycles or cycle parts are not supported

    The following TQL query is an example of a cycle:

  • Function layout is not supported.

  • 0..0 cardinality is not supported.

  • The Join relationship is not supported.

  • Qualifier conditions are not supported.

  • To connect between two CIs, a relationship in the form of a table or foreign key must exist in the external database source.