Configure the Adapter – Minimal Method

The simplified (minimal) method is a method for creating the simplifiedConfiguration.xml mapping file that is used by the adapter. This method enables a basic population or federation of a single CIT.

The instructions provided in this section describes a method of mapping the class model for certain CI Types in the CMDB to an RDBMS.

All of the configuration files mentioned in this section are located in the package in the C:\UCMDB\UCMDBServer\content\adapters folder that you extracted in Prepare the Adapter Package.

Note The orm.xml file that is automatically generated as a result of running this method is a good example that you can use when working with the advanced method.

You would use this minimal method when you need to:

  • Federate/populate a single node such as a node attribute.

  • Demonstrate the Generic Database Adapter capabilities.

This method:

  • Supports one-node federation/population only

  • Supports many-to-one virtual relationships only

Configure the adapter.conf File

To change the settings in the adapter.conf file so that the adapter uses the simplified configuration method:

  1. Open the adapter.conf file in a text editor.

  2. Locate the following line: use.simplified.xml.config=<true/false>.

  3. Change it to use.simplified.xml.config=true.

Example: Populating a Node and IP Address using the Simplified Method

This example demonstrates populating a Node related by a containment link to IP Address into UCMDB. The RDBMS has a table named simpleNode that contains data on the computer name, computer node, and the IP address of the computer.

The content of the simpleNode table is shown below:

The population is performed in three stages, as follows: