Debug Adapter Resources

This task describes how to use the JMX console to create, view, and delete adapter state resources (any resources created using the resource manipulation methods in the DataAdapterEnvironment interface, which are saved in the UCMDB database or the Probe database) for debugging and development purposes.

  1. Launch the Web browser and enter the server address, as follows:

    • For the UCMDB server: https://localhost:8443/jmx-console

    • For the Probe: http://localhost:1977

    You may have to log in with a user name and password (default user name: sysadmin).

  2. To open the JMX MBEAN View page, do one of the following:

    • On the UCMDB server: click
      UCMDB:service=FCMDB Adapter State Resource Services

    • On the Probe: click type=AdapterStateResources

  3. Enter values in the operations that you want to use, and click Invoke.