Generic Web Service Push Adapter

The generic web service push adapter provides a UCMDB-initiated push of SOAP messages containing query data to a web service data receiver. The mapped results are sent in standard SOAP messages via the HTTP POST protocol to the data receiver. The data receiver must understand the SOAP messages produced by the push adapter. To facilitate the development of the proper data receiver, a WSDL is provided with this push adapter.

Custom processing of the SOAP message response XML is possible in the Jython script.

To understand the format of the incoming mapped data, the developer of the data receiver should communicate with the developer of the mappings file. An .xsd is currently not provided with this version of the web service push adapter, so data must be processed in a way reflective of the incoming data, which is a combination of the original TQL and the applied mappings.

The web service push adapter functions for pushing data to the client are shown below. The items in green are customized or supplied by the client to implement the adapter for a specific push target. The items in blue are out-of-the-box components.

An example of an implementation of the generic web service push adapter to an MDR-specific push adapter using an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) is shown here: