Developing and Deploying Push Adapters

Generic Push Adapters provide a common platform that enables rapid development of integrations that push UCMDB data to external data repositories (databases and third-party applications). Generic Push Adapters are categorized according to the protocol used to push the data. For details on pushing via XML, using the Generic XML Push Adapter, see Generic XML Push Adapter SQL Queries. For details on pushing via Web Service, using the Generic Web Service Push Adapter, see Generic Web Service Push Adapter.

Developing a custom integration based on a Generic Push Adapter requires:

  • Building a new adapter package from the appropriate Generic Push Adapter template files. For details, see Build an Adapter Package.
  • Mappings between the UCMDB CI link types and the external data items. The mappings are stored as XML and are customized to each external data repository. For details, see Create Mappings.
  • A Jython script to push the data items into the external data repository. For details, see Write Jython Scripts.
  • Additional adapter-specific steps. For example, choosing the path of the file to be written for the XML push adapter, or creating a data receiver for the Web Service push adapter.