Store and Forward Overview

Store and Forward is a system that enables you to design flexible, secure, and resilient communication paths to move scan files through firewalls or other networking obstacles. Store and Forward works together with Scanner Scheduler to maintain clear, uninterrupted paths between scanners and the Data Flow Probe. For more information on Scanner Scheduler, see Scanner Scheduler Overview.

Each Store and Forward server uses a configuration file to determine its behavior. Depending on the parameter values contained in the configuration file, a Store and Forward server may forward or route scan files through logical "channels" that map to directories on one or more "upsteam provider" Store and Forward servers. The last Store and Forward server in the system is the Data Flow Probe. A web server that is installed together with the Store and Forward server continuously listens on a TCP port for incoming scan files. Store and Forward servers support resumed file transfer.Monitoring statistics for each Store and Forward server are available by accessing a web page that is hosted on each server.

To install the Store and Forward server, see How to Install the Store and Forward Server.

To see support information, refer to the Universal CMDB Support Matrix document.

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