Discovery Troubleshooter Wizard

The Discovery Troubleshooter allows you to troubleshoot for running software CIs that do not show up when you run an activity on the Management Zone. This is useful for customers who are running activities for discovering running software, and they see that the running software is not found.

This wizard page allows you to initiate the Discovery Troubleshooter.

To access

Select a Management Zone in the Management Zones tree structure on the left and click the Troubleshooting button.

Important information
  • The Discovery Troubleshooter wizard can be activated only within the context of a Management Zone.
  • The Discovery Troubleshooter wizard can be run on a Management Zone only after the Infrastructure and Basic Software Configuration Discovery activities have been run on that Management Zone.

  • If any discovery activities are still running when you start this wizard, the Wait for Jobs screen appears after clicking Next in the first screen of this wizard. If the Wait for Jobs screen appears, wait until the activities finish and then continue with the wizard.

Relevant tasks How to Run Zone-based Discovery
Wizard map

The Discovery Troubleshooter Wizard contains:

Discovery Troubleshooter Wizard > Activity Instances Mapping Page > Target Host Page > Additional Information Is Required Page > Investigate Missing Node CI Page > Retrieve Running Software CIs Page

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