New/Edit Policy Dialog Box

Enables you to create a job execution policy, to disable jobs from running at specific times.

To access

Go to Data Flow Management > Data Flow Probe Setup > Domains and Probes > Details pane > Job Execution Policy section. Select an existing policy and click the Edit Policy button, or click the New Policy  button.

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User interface elements are described below:

UI Element (A–Z) Description
Related jobs
  • Allow all. Run the job execution policy on all jobs.

  • Total blackout. The policy does not run on any jobs.

  • Allowed jobs. Choose jobs to run even during the configured blackout time.

  • Disallowed jobs. Choose jobs that do not run during the configured blackout time.

For allowed and disallowed jobs, clicking the Add job button opens the Choose Discovery Jobs dialog box enabling to you choose specific jobs to be included/excluded on the policy.

To remove selected jobs, click the Remove job button.

Tip Use the SHIFT or CTRL key to select multiple jobs or packages.

Related Probes

The Probes on which to run the policy. Click the button to open the Edit Related Probes dialog box to define which Probes are included in the policy.


The date and time during which the policy is active. Click the button to open the Edit Timetable dialog box.

  • Description. Add a description of the specific policy. This field is mandatory.

    Tip The text you enter here appears in the Time column in the Job Execution Policy pane, so it is recommended that the description be informative:

  • Time Definition. Click a cell for a day and time to be included in the policy. To add more than one time unit, drag the pointer over the cells.

    Note To clear a time unit, click the cell a second time.