Add New Domain Dialog Box

Enables you to add a domain.

To access

Go to Data Flow Management > Data Flow Probe Setup > Domains and Probes pane, click , and select New Domain.

Important information In a version 8.01 or later environment that has been upgraded from version 6.x, to enable data to be modeled similarly as in the previous version, you must define the Probes as belonging to the External domain and not to the Customer domain.
Relevant Tasks How to Add Data Flow Probes to UCMDB

User interface elements are described below:

UI Element (A–Z) Description
Description Enter a description to appear in the Details pane of the Data Flow Probe Setup window.
Domain Type
  • Customer. A private domain used for your site. You can define several domains and each domain can include multiple Probes. Each Probe can include IP ranges but the customer domain itself has no range definition.
  • External. Internet/public domain. A domain that is defined with a range. The external domain can contain only one Probe whose name equals the domain name. However, you can define several external domains in your system.
Name Enter a unique name for the domain.