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Enable SSL on the Client Machines - UCMDB

If the certificate used by the Universal CMDB Web server is issued by a well-known Certificate Authority (CA), it is most likely that your Web browser can validate the certificate without any further action.

If the CA is not trusted by the Web browser, you should either import the entire certificate trust path or import the certificate used by Universal CMDB explicitly into the browser’s truststore.

The following example demonstrates how to import the self-signed hpcert certificate into the Windows truststore to be used by Internet Explorer.

To import a certificate into the Windows truststore:

  1. Locate and rename the hpcert certificate to hpcert.cer.

    In Windows Explorer, the icon shows that the file is a security certificate.

  2. Double-click hpcert.cer to open the Internet Explorer Certificate dialog box.
  3. Follow the instructions for enabling trust by installing the certificate with the Certificate Import Wizard.

Note Another method of importing the certificate issued by the UCMDB Server to the Web browser is by logging in to UCMDB, and installing the certificate when the untrusted certificate warning is displayed.