Running Software Search Dialog Box

This dialog box enables you to search for hosts by the applications running on them and to search for applications by the host on which they are running.

To access In the CI Selector, select the Advanced tab in Search mode and click the ellipsis button next to Running Software Search.
See also CI Selector Overview

User interface elements are described below:

UI Element (A-Z) Description
Host name Enter the name of the node for which you are searching.
Running Software

Select a running software CI from the drop-down list.

Note The drop-down list may not display an accurate list of available running software CI types (only the option Any appears). In this event, perform the Host name search only.

Search for

Select Running Software or Node.

Note To search for a running software CI running on a specific node, enter a node name, select the required running software CI and click Search to search for it.