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CI Selector Overview

Note The CI Selector was known as View Explorer in earlier versions of Universal CMDB.

The CI Selector presents the elements of the IT universe model in Universal CMDB through the medium of views. Universal CMDB displays the CI Selector in the left pane of IT Universe Manager and the Modeling Studio.

When you select a view in the CI Selector, the configuration items (CIs) contained in the view are displayed in a hierarchical tree format according to the relationships defined between the CIs. A view may be empty if no CIs were found matching the TQL query. For details on views, see View Formats.

You can use the CI Selector to select views and to locate CIs. You can select a view and browse through the list of CIs, or you can search for a specific CI by name or by CI type. You can also save the search criteria for future use.

For information on the components of the CI Selector, see CI Selector User Interface.

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