Generate Direct Link Dialog Box

This dialog box enables you to create a URL to send to users so that they can access Universal CMDB.

To access

From the Modeling main menu, select Edit > Generate Direct Link. After you configure the Direct Link parameters in the Generate Direct Link Wizard, click Finish on the Finish page to open the Generate Direct Link dialog box.

In IT Universe Manager, click the Generate Direct Link to View button on the CI Selector toolbar in Browse Views mode.

In the Reports module, click the Generate Direct Link button on the toolbar or select Operations > Generate Direct Link > Direct link to application on the Modeling main menu.

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User interface elements are described below:

UI Element (A-Z) Description
Copy URL Copies the URL to the clipboard.
Description Describes the parameters that are included in the URL. For details on selecting the parameters, see Select Command Page.
Link URL The created URL that accesses the specified Universal CMDB function.
Mail URL Opens an email containing the URL of the link.
Test URL

Checks the URL to ensure that the specified application page can be found.

Note This button is not available when using Linux.