Direct Link Parameters – Impact Map Page

This wizard page enables you to run an Impact Analysis rule defined in Impact Analysis Manager. The URL you create enables you to embed a topology map showing a simulation of all the CIs that are affected by the selected trigger CI for the selected severity and state. For details, see Run Impact Analysis Dialog Box.

Important information
Wizard map Select Command Page (Embedded links > Impact map) > Finish Page
See also IT Universe Manager

User interface elements are described below:

UI Element (A-Z) Description
Filter by CI types

Select the CI types you do not want to appear in the impact analysis results.

  • Click to select the required CI types.

  • Click to delete the selected CI types.

Rule bundle Enables you to define where you can run Impact Analysis rules.

Select the required severity from the drop-down list.

Note The severity list was defined for the state in the System Type Manager. For details, see System Type Manager.

For example, you can create an Impact rule in the Impact Analysis Manager (see the Impact Rules Definition Dialog Box, that defines the severity of the trigger query node as other than No Change. If you select a severity other than No Change, for example, Plan, the condition is met and the simulated changes in the system are triggered.

For details, see Run Impact Analysis Dialog Box.

Trigger CIs
  • Click to select the CIs that are used as the triggers in an impact map. These CIs represent the simulated changes to be made to the system. Opens the CI Selector dialog box. For details on how to use the CI Selector pane, see CI Selector.

  • Click to delete the selected CIs.