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Using the Direct Link Functionality to Embed UCMDB Applets

You can directly embed UCMDB applets into external applications using a direct link. A direct link is a URL that you create using the Direct Links wizard. For details, see Generate Direct Link Wizard.

You can embed UCMDB applets in the following ways:

  • Using the URL itself to display CMDB content in an external application. For example, you can create a URL in the Direct Links wizard to display the properties of a certain CI. The login page opens if you are not already logged into Universal CMDB.

    Note Using the URL to enable the integration requires opening the link in an IFrame or a new window. This does not allow you to manage the resulting UCMDB applet using Javascript due to cross-site scripting issues. For example, if you use a URL that displays the properties of a specific CI using the object ID, you cannot use the same URL to display the properties of another CI.

  • Using the UCMDB applet tag to embed the UCMDB applet in an external application. This enables integration developers to display a part of the Universal CMDB user interface as part of their own application. In addition, this enables interaction with the embedded Universal CMDB user interface using Javascript.

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