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UCMDB Applet Tag Overview

The UCMDB Applet tag creates the environment needed for the UCMDB applet to run (HTML, Javascript, and server session parameters). The code behind the tag can log into the Universal CMDB server in one of the following cases:

  • The login parameters are specified and the user is not already logged in.

  • The clear session parameter is true.

Once a user session is established, the tag continues to write the required applet environment (HTML and Javascript code) to the result of the JSP processor. The resulting HTML page includes the required Javascript code to load the UCMDB applet from the specified server. On error, the specified error string is printed to the page. This string can be customized using the userErrorMessage parameter and may include HTML elements and HTML wrapped Javascript code to initiate error handling scenarios.

Example of the Usage of a UCMDB Applet Tag

userErrorMessage="This is your general error"

Caution You retrieve the directLinkParameters from the URL created in the Direct Links wizard. Insert the values for each parameter in the tag as displayed. If the URL contains values for parameters not displayed above, copy them into the directLinkParameters line of the tag. For details on how to create a direct link, see Generate Direct Link Wizard.

The UCMDB applet tag is located at <Universal CMDB root folder>\deploy\ucmdb-ui\WEB-INF\tags\ucmdb_applet.tag.

You can copy the UCMDB applet tag to an external application server. The UCMDB applet tag requests the login data from the Universal CMDB server provided that:

  • The external application server can communicate with JSP tags.

  • The Universal CMDB server is accessible to the external application server and to the browser.

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